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Since it was introduced a few years ago, Medigap Plan G, sometimes called Medicare Supplement Plan G, has grown in popularity. Moreover, because Medigap Plan F will end in 2020, Plan G is now the preferred plan among many.

Medicare Supplement Plan G: What is it?

A Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance Plan G offers the same benefits as a Plan F, with the exception that it requires out-of-pocket payment of the Medicare Part B deductible. The Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan G may cover Medicare out-of-pocket expenses, including copays, coinsurance, and excess charges.

The Plan G plan covers excess charges under Part B, which is not the case with most Medigap plans.

Medicare Plan G: How does it work?

In addition to Medicare, Medicare Plan G offers supplemental Medigap coverage for seniors and people with disabilities. A Medicare supplement plan such as Plan G offers comprehensive coverage.

As a supplemental policy, Medicare Plan G does not replace traditional Medicare but fills in some of the gaps left by it. Your medical expenses would be covered by the Part A and Part B health benefits. Plan G covers any remaining costs after these benefits have been exhausted.

Your Medicare policy is also covered under Plan G. The deductible for Medicare Part A is $1,600. This deductible will have to be paid out of pocket if you do not have Plan G. With Plan G, the whole deductible will be covered by your health insurer.

Plan G: What Does It Cover?

Medigap Plan F is considered to be the premier plan. This plan covers all Medicare gaps to 100%. In 2023, Part B deductible will be $226, so Plan G's coverage is nearly as good. Many Medicare enrollees find Plan G to be more cost-effective than Plan F despite having to pay the Part B deductible.

Medicare Parts A and B are covered by Plan G, except for the Part B deductible. When you pay the deductible, you won't be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs.

How much does Plan G cost?

According to Medicare Plan G's cost estimate for 2023, the monthly premium will range from $90 to $250. Plan G's exact price depends on your location, age, health, and gender. To get the best Medicare rate, you should compare rates among different Medicare providers.

How much will Plan G's deductible be in 2023?

Having Plan G only involves an annual Part B deductible of $226 in 2023, which is the only deductible involved.

In 2023, which Medicare supplement plan G is the best?

Unlike F plans, Supplement G plans offer low out-of-pocket costs, except for the $226 Part B deductible in 2023. Using price, discount, geographic coverage, user experience, and more, we compared and ranked the best Medicare Supplement Plan G providers.

Medicare Supplement Plan G Providers in 2023: The 6 Best Providers

Best Overall Plan: Humana

Best Pricing: AARP by UnitedHealthcare

Best Price Transparency: Aetna

Best Discounts: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Best User Experience: Cigna

What's the process for signing up for Plan G?

Medigap Open Enrollment Period is the best time to enroll in Plan G. Your Medicare Part B coverage begins when you turn 65. A Medigap policy can be purchased at any time by Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 and older, but they may be subject to a health screening and medical underwriting process. Medigap can be purchased during open enrollment for a number of reasons. Plan G from the same company will be available at the same price for healthy people and those with health conditions during this time.

If you sign up outside the OEP, you will have to submit to medical underwriting. Your premiums may be higher if you have preexisting health conditions.  There is even a possibility of your application being rejected.